Monday, May 21, 2007

Appreciating People

The other day, one of my very good friends, sent me an sms as part of her personality development programme. It read: “Hi…Wanted to tell you that am very lucky to have someone as wonderful, caring & loving as you in my life. Thanks for being there.”

Instead of being delighted about it, the very first thought that came to mind was “Is she contemplating suicide or elopement”? I know it sounds pretty disgusting but isn’t that how we all are? I mean, just recollect the last time someone gave you a compliment/an appreciation note. Instead of accepting the same gracefully, we either question the person’s intentions or think that the message may not be for us after all. That was what I thought as well. Did she really intend sending me this message???

I decided to try out the same on my friends – people who I believe are really important in my life. The following were their responses:
“What happened? Are you sure this message was for me? If it was, I am very flattered. Thanks.
“What happened? Was that forwarded message? Or you really mean it?”
“Eh? Was that for me?”
“Hey, what’s with you? Did that message come to me by mistake?”
“Just wanted to know what prompted that”

Not a single friend of mine gracefully accepted the acknowledgement I was giving him / her. Only after I replied that nothing was the matter with me & it indeed was meant for the intended person, did responses pour in like, “The feeling is mutual”, “I am thankful for having you in my life as well”, etc.

I know the importance I have in my friend’s life & she in mine. It’s only that we have never got around probably to appreciating it like this – in writing!!!!! But I really liked the “experiment” & would suggest all of you to try out the same on your friends as well. It’s a wonderful way to assure them of the things they probably take for granted.