Saturday, February 18, 2012

Book Review: Tea for Two and A Piece of Cake

This is one of my first book reviews. The author is a well-known blogger - - someone whom I have been following for such a long time. Tea for Two and A Piece of Cake is her third book, her first two have been national best-sellers.

The book starts off in the present and keeps alternating between the present and the past. It is a love story between three people but there are several more whose lives are inter-twined with these three. Preeti's writing style is free-flowing and lucid and she manages to keep us engrossed through the entire length of the book (I finished it in one sitting :))

The book explores various relationships as the story moves forward and you tend to want to know what is happening with the protagonist's life; it definitely is a page-turner. You also identify with the ups and downs that she is going through as she questions the decisions she has made at each stage of her life.

The part I liked the most is that Preeti has named all the chapters after a lot of famous songs; that is most certainly unique :) I wish her all the luck and hope this book goes on to become a best-seller as well!