Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Book Review: When You Look Like Your Passport Photo, It's Time To Go Home by Erma Bombeck

I chanced upon this book on my visit to a local library. I have been a huge fan of Erma Bombeck's primarily because of her quotes but have never had the opportunity to read any of her books. Being fond of travel and hoping to travel the entire world one day, this particular book interested me immensely.

The book talks about her travels across countries; about travelling with her husband, with kids, with parents, etc. It also talks about the various activities one undertakes in the course of travelling - a cruise, rafting, etc.

Erma's style of writing is humourous and the way she puts across her experiences is amazing. You cannot but help laugh at her (mis) adventures as she plans her travels and actually undertakes them.

However, the book is not all comedy; there are quite a few poignant moments as when Erma realizes how much closer travel has brought her family and how women all over the world share certain key worries pertaining to their families and kids.

The book takes us through quite a few exotic places such as Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Istanbul, Mexico and Russia (the nation-to-visit-before-I-die on my bucket list).

Erma's wit shines through each and every chapter in the book. Sample her thoughts on flying: "After the attendants have given them the evacuation procedures in the event of loss of air pressure and demonstrated how to use the life jackets in the event they ditch over water, they're free to relax." Doesn't each one of us feel this way whenever we fly? I wish I was half as able to express it as beautifully as she has.

On her visit to Russia, she says, "The religion, the ideology, and the government may be different, but the dreams are all the same."

Erma is quite vocal about her love for shopping and for wishing to get back souvenirs for friends & family back home. At the same time, her husband is shown to be quite passionate about actually wanting to see historial sites and knowing about their history!!!

If you are a travel-addict (like moi), read this book. It describes all that we actually experience on our travels but never reveal. Even if you aren't a travel-addict, read this book - it will help you better explain to your fellowmen why you don't travel :)


Nimi Vashi said...

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harish p i said...

The title of the book itself is hilarious. I will definitely try this one. Thanks

palsworld said...

Harish: Do read the book; you won't regret it. I loved her writing :)