Saturday, December 01, 2012

Starbucks - Welcome to Mumbai!

I had the opportunity of visiting the Starbucks outlet at Fort, Mumbai today evening. It is set in a historic building a little before The Asiatic Society. It is spread across the ground and first floors and has a great ambience with nice wooden chairs/stools, huge ceilings, big pictures depicting Indian colours, old trunks perched on top of each other.

I tried their Caramel Frappe and Blueberry Muffin both of which I loved. Also, their pricing is not as exorbitant as was expected. They may, of course, increase the prices once the customer base is built. On an early Saturday evening, I was probably 10th in queue to place my order. The entire outlet seemed packed with people quietly chatting away with each other and having a wonderful time. The staff was polite and the service prompt.

It's been a month since the launch and I guess the novelty factor might die down soon. It would then be the real test of how the brand survives here! As of now, it seems to be going pretty strong and they should have nothing to worry.

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