Sunday, April 21, 2013

Soldier For Women

He has been there in my life for as long as I remember. When I was a kid, he indulged me - by mispronouncing my name, rhyming it with something else, gifting me toys & books on my birthday & other occasions. As I grew up, we started going out for movies and having conversations on books. When I was appearing for my 10th standard exam, he was there on the first day - to support and encourage me. As I went off to college, he discussed my career aspirations with me. Once I took up a job, we spoke about finances and my career growth.

He has been there all throughout my life till date - as a friend, philosopher and guide. He has been a mentor - always guiding me and letting me know that whatever happens, happens for the best. He has led by example - he had a Govt. job which he gave up to start his own business. Even today, at the age of 70, he still goes to work everyday. I have never seen him sit at home citing ill-health or plain laziness. His dedication and determination always inspire me - I aspire to be as meticulous and friendly as him. I have never seen him raise his voice, whatever maybe the situation. He respects his family members and never shouts at them in front of outsiders for any mistake of theirs.

He is my uncle - my maternal aunt's husband. And a role model for me. When I was growing up, I wished I would get married to someone like him - patient, willing to listen, supportive of his wife's dreams, encouraging his kids, wanting to make something of his life.

I dedicate this post to him today - letting him know that, for me, he has always been a soldier.

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