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Write Over the Weekend (WOW) – Feb 8, 2013

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As happens in most cases, we met in college. I was a little conscious, being from an all-girls’ school and being exposed to co-education for the first time. It was the very first day and, as luck would have it, both of us sat on the same bench. Before you knew it, we had become inseparable. We were so compatible with each other – liking the same books, disliking the same food. As the days passed, we became more and more closer. It was around the end of the year during our annual college festival when I uttered the phrase, “I love you.” When it was reciprocated, my happiness knew no bounds. It was as if I was floating on air.

Since then, for the next five years, we ended up spending almost every day of our college life together – bunking lectures, gossiping in the cafeteria, going for inter-collegiate festivals, making merry at the movies – you get the picture, right? We celebrated birthdays and rose days and also Valentine’s Days. Though people around us whispered about us and our relationship, we could not be bothered about them. We had each other and that was all that mattered.

When it was time for college to end, I was almost in tears. I could not bear the thought of us getting separated and not having to spend each day together. It broke my heart to face the uncertain future ahead. Little did I know that my fears were unfounded. Not only would we be together after college, our bond would only grow stronger and become more mature with age. By then our families also knew we were in it for the long run and they heartily supported us. We also began attending each other’s family functions and getting to know the other’s family better. We discussed about our respective jobs and careers and what the future held in store for us.

19 years after we first met, she remains one of my best friends. Of course, it is a she – what did you think? :)

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