Saturday, February 16, 2013

Writing to me is...

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I don’t even remember how or when I started writing. It just seems to have happened on an impulse and now I am totally addicted to it. Of course, I have been very fond of reading since my childhood and I guess that played a small part in me starting to write. My very first memories of writing are of a poem I wrote for a college magazine. The years then passed and I got busy with my education and my career. Recently, however, writing has begun to interest me and I am proactively taking steps towards it. One day, I hope to be a published author – that is my lifelong dream.

Writing to me is passion. It is giving my inner voice a creative outlet. Being a Virgo, I am quite frank and opinionated. I have an opinion on almost everybody and everything. True, the opinions can be discussed with friends and family. But not always. What better way for them to be expressed other than by writing about it. When I write, I completely let myself go and think about how best can I put forward what I wish to say. There is nobody to judge how or what I am saying except myself.

Writing to me is a means of communication. Since I have started writing, people have been telling me that I have a flair for it and I should pursue it further. Some people don’t agree with my views and we have a discussion over it. There are others who do agree and thank me for writing about something which they are going through in their own lives. This has given me a platform to interact with more and more people, which otherwise would not have been possible.

Writing to me is a way of dealing with my loneliness. Often times, I get very lonely and there’s only so much of movies and television which can help. At such times, I turn to writing. Getting involved in the very process of writing makes me forget my loneliness.

Writing to me is a way of getting inspired. Having read millions of books over the years and wondering how could the author articulate his/her story so well and etch out such fine characters, I feel I too should put pen to paper and write down a few thoughts. Just as I love their works, someday, someone will love mine.

Writing to me is a way of making notes for posterity. When I see a good movie or attend a good play, I write down about it. I write about my travel experiences. I also write about the books I have read and the music that I like. Some years down the line, when I go through these writings, I shall have the feeling of taking a walk down memory lane. To write is to capture that moment for eternity – almost like a camera. A camera can, however, only take a picture; a write-up encapsulates the entire experience.

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