Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mr. India - Evergreen Dialogues

 Mr. India, which released in 1987, was a movie quite ahead of its time; what with a scientist producing a gadget which makes one disappear on wearing it. How many of us wished we owned something like that :)

In addition to some fabulous songs which the movie had (my personal favourite has to be Hawa Hawaii :)), it also had some outstanding dialogues. Some which have stayed with me are:
  • Yeh football ab court jayegi. Court kyun jayegi; wahan toh koi football khelta nahi.
  • Tum yeh aise ho, aise kabse ho? Bachpan se.
  • Tum yeh sab kar rahe ho, kisliye kar rahe ho? Paisa (Very profound statement! Aren't all of us doing what we are for money?)
  • Toh kya tum kehna chahte ho ki paise ke liye har koi chor ban jaata hain?
  • Ghar; ghar ke aage balcony; balcony ke aage garden; garden ke aage samundar.
  • Yeh seediyan dekh rahi hain? Yeh seediyan neeche se upar jaati hain aur yehi seediyan upar se neeche aati hain. Kamaal hain!
  • Do din ke bookhe bachhe kya shor machayenge memsaab.
  • Arun bhaiyya, hum ek din khaana nahi khayenge toh mar nahi jayenge.
  • Chalo isi bahaane salary toh mil jayegi; kaunse rang ki hoti hain?
  • Gayi bhains paani main :)
  • Chaliye Arun bhaiyya ghar chaliye; ghar jaakar in kankaron main se chawal nikalne hain.
  • Sir, yeh bachhe hote hi kyun hain? Sab log agar bade hi paida hue toh?

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